The Health and Family Welfare Department (H&FW Dept.), Government of Mizoram with technical and financial support from the World Bank, is implementing ‘Mizoram Health Systems Strengthening Project’ (MHSSP) in the State for improving the health status of its citizens. The MHSSP intends to strengthen the management capacity and quality of health services in Mizoram.

We envision improved health for all by building a responsive health system that provides protection against ill-health and financial shocks due to payments for health. We are confident that improvements in the health system will herald a ‘dawning of good health’ with the ‘sun setting on ill-health’.

The Mizoram Health Systems Strengthening Project uses a system’s approach and is broken down into three individual components which need to be appreciated as forming part of a whole system’s approach

Implementation Structure

Project Management Unit

The objective of the Project Management Unit is to ensure timely and effective implementation of the Mizoram Health Systems Strengthening Project as well as monitoring and evaluation of its implementation progress and results.